Lessons from The NY Times' The Truth Is Worth It
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This is the story of how one of the oldest businesses – the printed press, more than survives the digital age; it thrives by transforming their hard copy model to an online subscription model with an award-winning campaign that celebrates the relentless pursuit of truth in a world full of fake news.
Show Highlights:

>> 00:09         What are the issues discussed and who is this for?

>> 01:19          Who is Kevin Geeves?

>> 02:05         What is the campaign about?

>> 04:16         How does execution impact messaging? Can you do film if you have no money to shoot?

>> 07:17         Can a film be copy-led? When should we use copy to lead?

>> 07:48        Has advertising gone down the tubes?

>> 09:02        The context is decisive

>> 11:18          Useful questions to ask when creating marketing campaigns

>> 11:42         The importance of having principles in business and marketing

>> 13:13         How to start building a tribe

>> 13:52        Why most sponsored social posts don't work

>> 14:12         Having the courage to engage with detractors

>> 15:04        Creating brand advocates by chunking up to human values
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case study video?
Client: The New York Times
Campaign: The Truth Is Worth It
Agency: Droga5, NY
This is the entry video for the Cannes Lions 2019 advertising awards
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