Lessons from Nike's Dream Crazy
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In an age of social media superstars, top influencers and key opinion leaders, how do you pick an ambassador for your brand? 

Let Big Brand Hack host Serene Loong and her guest Executive Creative Director, Calvin Soh give you the low-down by deconstructing Nike's 30th anniversary Dream Crazy campaign featuring controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick. 

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Show Highlights:

>> 01:04         Who is Calvin Soh, Executive Creative Director?

>> 03:23         Why is Nike's brand ambassador Colin Kaepernick so controversial?

>> 04:52         The public backlash after Kaepernick was revealed as the brand ambassador

>> 05:55         The incredible post-campaign results

>> 06:20         Does having a big budget mean you will succeed and vice versa?

>> 08:03         How to choose what cause or which ambassador your brand should support

>> 09:46         What Phil Knight, CEO of Nike, has to say about picking controversial brand ambassadors

>> 10:35         The importance of walking the talk

>> 11:45          Knowing your audience helps you pick the right ambassador

>> 12:49         How to get data on audience segments

>> 14:03         How psychographics cuts through demographics

>> 15:30         Does your brand ambassador reflect the times?

>> 16:39         Summary of key learnings

>> 17:24         Two more pieces of business advice
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Client: Nike
Campaign: Dream Crazy
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland
This is the entry video for the Cannes Lions 2019 advertising awards
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