Lessons from Burger King's Whopper Detour
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Burger King's Whopper Detour achieved a whopping 37: 1 return including 1.5 million downloads in just 9 days! 

What are some lessons you can take away from this successful app marketing campaign? Let Big Brand Hack host Serene Loong and her guest Executive Creative Director Troy Lim share what we can learn from it. 

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Show Highlights:

>> 00:09         The purpose of the Big Brand Hack podcast 

>> 02:06         The astounding results of Burger King's Whopper Detour

>> 02:41          Introduction to our guest: Troy Lim, Executive Creative Director

>> 03:10          Promotional campaigns are branding opportunities too

>> 05:18          The curse of being a market leader

>> 05:44         Use technology to turn a disadvantage into a tactical advantage

>> 06:02         Not using technology for technology's sake

>> 06:44         Overall consistent communication strategy

>> 06:58         Steal your competitor's customers ethically

>> 07:14         Engaging customers to tell your brand story

>> 08:01         Being counter-intuitive can pay off big

>> 11:00         Test, test and test

>> 11:32         Guerilla marketing tactics in the digital age

>> 12:34        The most important ingredient in any campaign, especially technologically-heavy ones

>> 13:10         Summary of key learnings  
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case study video?
Campaign: The Whopper Detour
Client: Burger King
Agency: Foote Cone Belding, New York
This is the entry video for the Cannes Lions 2019 advertising awards
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